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Protect And Provide For Your Pets

Most pets do not live as long as people, but that does not mean they will not outlive us. What will happen to your pets if you die or become unable to care for them? Many states, including Arkansas, have laws that allow you to provide for your pets after you are no longer able. Without including them in your estate plan, your pets could be given or sold to someone you don’t want caring for them or could be sent to a shelter to be euthanized.

Even an informal arrangement is no guarantee for your pets’ care. Verbal plans are not legally enforceable. Even simply adding your pets to your will is often insufficient because your pets’ needs are immediate and cannot wait for your will to be probated. Neither do will offer ongoing control, oversite, and funding for your pets’ needs. However, we can provide a pet trust along with a card that can be kept in your wallet that will address both your pets’ immediate and long term needs according to your wishes. Your estate plan can provide very detailed, enforceable instructions as to who you want to care for your pets and how your estate can provide funds for such care. In this way, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that ALL your family members will be protected.